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“Your videos from the Shining Star Competition are simply amazing and impressive. I also wanted to tell you that the public speaking class we put Shreya in last year along with the opportunity at the Gandhi Jayanthi event in Milpitas are all helping Shreya immensely - Shreya has a speech class in Challenger since she was in Kindergarten where she did okay but we have personally observed that since she went to the public speaking classes at Genius Kids she has been scoring really high in her speech - I mean consistently she has been getting 100% - the lowest we saw was 98% - I asked her how come she is scoring so high now than before where she was in late 80s and she said - mom, I keep remembering the little pointers my teacher at Genius Kids taught me- so THANK YOU so much for offering these classes - they are definitely build to improve a kids performance - something so rarely offered by anyone else - this is definitely your competitive advantage - no one can touch your public speaking course - kudos on creating it.”
Madhuri, Union City CA
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Adult Training

Yes – that’s right we help kids, teens and adults!  Many adults never received the opportunity to attend formal public speaking or communication classes or sometimes just need to brush up those skills or learn some new techniques.  In today’s competitive world it is impossible not to be exposed to social gatherings and parties, project presentations, meetings with the boss, interviews, etc.  The list is endless. Even a parent conference with your child’s teacher requires the ability to be able to present yourself and deal with challenges and obstacles. Many adults still find it hard to make conversations with new people and struggle with eye contact and speaking clearly in full sentences.

The goals of our adult's classes are to improve your communication skills, confidence and self-esteem, to learn important etiquettes and practices for your personal, professional and social life. Maybe you aspire to become a professional presenter, TV host or Radio Jockey… or simply want to make an impression wherever you go! Well you need our tools and techniques.

Level 1 Basic - Men & Women

Perfect for the shy homemakers or professional who wants to equip themselves to empower their communication and confidence at home, and/or workplace.

Goals & Benefit

  1. Learn important social etiquette for your daily lives both at home and at work.
  2. Develop better fluency when speaking, improving vocabulary and articulation.
  3. See yourself as a more confident individual who can make intellectual conversations at home and in the work place.
  4. Learn to make eye contact and become more bold and active in society.
  5. Interviewing skills and techniques.
  6. Overall self-grooming and personality development.

Class Duration – this is structured as a club membership where the group will meet once a week.

Instructions are done interactively with regular speeches, videos and audio recordings,  pow - wow sessions for constructive feedback from the instructor and members of the club. This class requires a commitment for at least 3-6 months to benefit from and appreciate the difference and results. Minimum of 3 enrollments to begin a session. Membersips begin at $35.00/class prepaid in advance.

Level 1: Business Corporate

Every year thousands of corporate executives, bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and sales executives reach out to business coaches, trainers and presenters to learn to develop skills to become superstars in their respective fields. Having gone through dramatic downsizing over the past few years, many companies are not looking to hire new employees – they are looking to energize and develop their workforce. Etiquette is not just limited to the fork and knife but involves respecting others around us and knowing what to say and when to say it.

Goals and Benefits

  1. Increase your vocabulary, grammar and conversation flow.
  2. Correct usage of tenses in spoken English.
  3. When and what to say in different circumstances.
  4. Negotiation Skills.
  5. Body Language and Grooming Techniques.
  6. Communication with Global Work Environments.
  7. Accent reduction
  8. Email etiquette & general etiquette.
  9. Presentation tools.  
  10. Different styles of speech - persuasive, information or simple presentations.

These classes are structured as 2 day workshops twice or thrice a year in collaboration with other speakers,  professionals and conferences.  Emal for details.
A minimum of 10 enrollments required per class. These are generally company sponsored programs.


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