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  The Importance of Public Speaking
The Importance of Public Speaking
Public Speaking And Shyness
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“We are very much enjoying our vacation in India. My parents are so happy and pleased seeing what Rachana can dad was mentioning to me that even in SSLC, he did not have that much vocabulary skills that Rachana has!! Rachana also pointed out some of the silent letters in some words....they are all amazed!!! Genius Kids rocks!! Her confidence just oozes!”
Shubha Aithal, Fremont CA
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The Importance of Public Speaking

“Knock the "t" off the "can't."  -Samuel Johnson.

Do not ever make the mistake of thinking that public speaking and effective communication is NOT important. It would be as silly as saying you will never need to know how to read in life!
Learning how to become an effective public speaker can be the key difference between success and failure in your life at home, at work and in your own community!

As an adult if you still have the fear of speaking in front of people, then you need to make sure your child does not have this fear. Equip your child with life skills to be able to stand up and speak with confidence, poise and skill. Once they have developed this skill, it will stay with them for the rest of their life. Remember effective communication skills means you can impress your boss, make more sales, deliver a great speech, move up in your company and the world opens up to you when you can get your point across on your feet.

Parents continue to make the biggest mistake of focusing on developing only the academics, and spending tons of monies on other hobbies like playing the piano, singing, dancing, and karate; yet never realize how critical building confidence, developing communication and effective public speaking skills are to a child. Of course academics and all these other extracurricular activities are important but if you think public speaking is important only in obscure or abstract ways, it's time to think again.

There are several reasons why public speaking is so critical and why it is so important to equip and train your child to be an effective communicator and public speaker.

  • By learning how to effectively speak in public, you'll be able to increase your own self-confidence. Since public speaking is one of the most prevalent fears in the western world, by enabling yourself to master this difficult skill you'll have the confidence that you need to meet and greet future challenges.
  • Public speaking regularly (and well) helps to make you more comfortable around other people, including strangers. Once you're capable of greeting and instructing an entire room full of strangers (or at least most of them strangers), it'll be nothing to smile and shake hands and meet new individuals in more personal and less threatening circumstances.
  • Public speaking will help fine-tune your everyday verbal and non-verbal communication skills. This is especially true for people who spend a great deal of time working with the written word, and have forgotten how to properly vocalize their messages to get their points across best.
  • For obvious reasons, the ability to dive into public speaking and related communication skills are a big winner among prospective employers, and are also a great way to snag that promotion you've been awaiting for such a long time. Public speaking ability is a true career booster. In fact, both undergraduate and graduate Business school alumni who attended the University of Minnesota placed oral communication at the top of a list of skills that were relevant to overall job success.
  • Using public speaking effectively will allow you to make a difference in your business, community and perhaps even the world. By sharing your information with others, you're better able to increase the impact of your hopes, dreams, desires and goals for your life and the world around you.
  • Because by the time you've learned to embody the importance of public speaking, you'll have learned another key principle. We can better persuade people when we are able to appeal to them as human beings that have emotions, desires and thoughts just like we do. This is the difference between distinguishing between simple an audience of bosses, employees or clients and transforming them in your mind into people with real problems, hopes, fears, dreams and desires.
  • The skills you'll develop by learning the art of public speaking can boost your performance and value in just about any arena - home, office or life at large.
  • Learning to master public speaking early is a great way for students to perform better in college, as well as offer them greater opportunities to be accepted into their top choice schools.

Contact our admissions director at for the current schedule on public speaking, personality and communication classes or visit our programs page for the details on the various classes. Click here to watch the fun clips of our student at our video gallery.


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