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“I wanted to Thank you for giving Aneel a great opportunity today? It was a great experience not only for Aneel but also for us too. It was interesting to see what goes on behind the scene. As always you were fantastic!!! I wish I had found your program for Aneel a while back. But as they say "Its ..”
Santok Johnson
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Spring & Summer Camps

Spring Break & Summer Break is the best time to try out new things.  Our camps are organized and well run, where your child will encounter new experiences independently. Besides discovering new facets about themselves, they will make new friends and develop interpersonal skills and form new relationships.

We guarantee you that our camps will have a positive deep impact on your child’s development. Our staff are excellent role models who carefully ensure that each child is given a life time experience of fun learning in a loving environment. Video clips of your children will be sent to you for you to keep track of their progress and areas of improvement. Visit our video gallery to hear our students.

Public Speaking, confidence and self-esteem are life learning skills that are not acquired or taught overnight and we highly recommended that children enroll in our courses during the year on an ongoing basis to master these important life skills. Learning to speak in public effectively and overcoming fear of audiences and shyness, clarity of speech, presenting monologues and dialogues takes practice and persistence. Just like music, singing, dancing and other acquired hobbies and skills, public speaking is an ongoing learning process that never ends.  Remember, this is a life skill you will use every minute of your life and wherever you go.

“You never get a second chance to make a FIRST impression!” -John Weikert

During summer, we offer special camps which are equivalent to a “crash course” in important life skills. Children can benefit from these “booster camps” which are designed around specific themes, and each module, like the other lessons, must be completed in its entirety. Each class is linked to the prior and future classes, and it is imperative that students attend the classes regularly to master each concept taught.

Benefits of Our Programs

Our proven programs are simple and fun. Each lesson has been designed to be easy, interesting and interactive, where the students will be engaged in learning all the required skills needed to develop a confident personality, clear speech, engage in conversations with ease, using expressions, thinking before they speak, organizing their thoughts for an engaging dialogue or presentation.

As we all know, public speaking and engaging in conversations or starting conversations in a social setting is one of the greatest fears in the world, for adults and children. Sweaty palms, racing hearts, shaking, turning red, anxiety, crying, hiding behind parents and being tongue tied are just a few signs of nervousness related with this fear. Unclear communication becomes an obstacle to our success in being the best we can be. It is never too early to learn these important life and social skills and our goals are simple:

  • Communicate effectively in full sentences & increase vocabulary
  • Overcome obstacles, stage fright and speaking in front of large audiences
  • Learn to focus, pay attention and develop comprehension skills.
  • Control nervousness and overcome shyness, learning to speak with others easily
  • Speech Structure and Preparation, using words seamlessly
  • Control Pauses and fillers (ah'ss and umh’s)
  • Use gestures and correct body language
  • Remain calm and collected.
  • Become comfortable with large and small audiences.
  • Speak with confidence and believe in themselves.
  • Have the courage to stand up and speak in any situation.
  • Master basic principles of debate and how to argue effectively
  • Learn to Think, Lead and Communicate with Confidence!

 There are no make-up classes offered for camps or our regular class sessions or pro-ration in tuition for any missed classes. There are different courses and curriculum catering to different age groups & abilities.Spring & Summer Camp themes are based on Science Presentations, Cooking, Debates, Drama, Etiquette and Manners, Speaking Out and Character Education.

Please contact us to receive the current schedule for Spring & Summer Camps this year. Class ratio is 1:12 or 1:18 depending on the age group.

Call us at 510-713-2431/510-364-4033 or email


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